Seeking creative, collaborative software engineering work where I can contribute to building inspirational interactive media.


  • Computer Programming in Java, Unity, C#, C++, Processing, Arduino, Domain-Specific-Language Frameworks and custom behavioral AI languages
  • Interactive software and game design
  • Interactive physical computing programming, design and engineering
  • Audio engineering and sound design

  • Education

    University of California, Santa Cruz

    M.S. in Computer Science, focus in Game Development and Interactive Narrative, 3.95 GPA (2011-2013)

    Yale University

    B.A. in Anthropology, 3.5 GPA (2000-2004)

    Programming and Design Experience

    Playabl Conversational AI Game Studio - Co-Founder and Lead Software Engineer (Java, Unity, C#, XText Language Framework, Custom behavioral AI Language)

  • Found and manage a studio creating high-agency dramatic interaction with intelligent, social, conversational AI characters
  • Develop custom AI behavior authoring tools
  • Provide expert consulting and development services for clients
  • IMMERSE Social Simulation Training Research Project - Behavioral AI Programmer and Designer (Java, ABL - a Behavioral AI Language, C#, Unity)
    UC Santa Cruz, 2013 - 2015

  • Collaborated with a diverse team of programmers, designers and social scientists to author NPC behaviors,
        underlying infrastructure and tools for a dynamic social simulation game
  • Utilized and added new features to ABL, the behavioral AI language used to create the interactive narrative game Facade
  • Recorded, edited, processed and implemented dialog and other audio
  • Illuminati Player Engagement Manager - Programmer and Designer (C#)
    UC Santa Cruz, 2013

  • Designed and programmed a system that promotes engagement by dynamically managing player choices and abilities
  • Developed and implemented a mathematical model for player tension
  • Download research paper

    Kodu AI Lab – Team Programmer and Designer (C#)
    UC Santa Cruz, 2011-2012

  • Collaborated with a team to add narrative and emotional functionality to Microsoft's visual game-programming tool
  • Implemented a code analysis system which made it easier for learners to use new features
  • Led and implemented a user interface re-organization
  • Personage Character Generator – Sole Programmer and Designer (Java/Processing)
    UC Santa Cruz, 2012

  • Implemented a system which simulates character lives, procedurally generating character back-story text and corresponding ability statistics
  • Designed and created a user interface for story navigation and customization
  • Data Hunt – Sole Designer, Programmer and Engineer (C++/Arduino)
    UC Santa Cruz, 2012

  • Designed, programmed and engineered a tech-enhanced blend of capture the flag and laser tag
  • Utilized wearable and stationary microprocessor units for wireless communication, motion sensing, and dynamic light and sound emission
  • Created C++ software libraries for light, sound, and button-handling
  • The Inspector's Brain – Sole Designer (Board Game)
    UC Santa Cruz, 2011

  • Designed and created a murder mystery board-game prototype
  • Players collaboratively craft a murder mystery story
  • Players create and role-play their own characters while trying to frame other players

  • Other Experience

    Musician, Audio Engineer, Composer and Instructor
    Self, 2000-present

  • Collaboratively compose, arrange and perform drums and percussion
  • Performed on, engineered, edited and released Wubakia's studio album, Unearthed
  • From 2004, to 2011, instructed students of all levels in drum-set and percussion
  • Board Member and President
    Mariposa's Art Not-For-Profit Arts Organization, 2009-2014

  • Finalized a successful merger with the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County
  • From 2009-2011, oversaw the operations of the organization as it provided over
       2,000 students with after-school art and music programs
  • Organized and led regular board meetings
  • Conferences

  • Inventing the Future of Games: Interactive Storytelling Symposium(2013)
  • San Francisco Game Design Conference (2012)
  • Indiecade (2011, 2015)
  • Game Developer's Conference (2010)