IMMERSE Interactive Social Simulation

Behavioral AI Programmer and Designer (Java, ABL - a Behavioral AI Language, C#, Unity)

  • Collaborated with a diverse team of programmers, designers and social scientists
       to author NPC behaviors, underlying infrastructure and tools for a dynamic social simulation game

  • Demonstration videos of dynamic social game composition for virtual characters (Sorry, these are not currently embeddable):

    Alliance Social Game

    Alliance & Authority Social Games

    Alliance, Authority & Threat Social Games

    Data Hunt

    Sole Designer, Programmer and Engineer (C++/Arduino)

  • Designed, programmed and engineered a tech-enhanced blend of capture
       the flag and laser tag 
  • Utilized wearable and stationary microprocessor units for wireless
       communication, motion sensing, and dynamic light and sound emission
  • Created C++ software libraries for light, sound, and button-handling
  • Downloads

    Game rules and tech overview Source and schematics

    Kodu AI Lab

    Team Programmer and Designer (C#)

  • Collaborated with a team to add narrative and emotional functionality
       to Microsoft's visual game-programming tool
  • Implemented a code analysis system which made it easier for students to use new features
  • Led and implemented a user interface re-organization

  • Visit the project site

    Personage Character Generator

    Sole Programmer and Designer (Java/Processing)

  • Implemented a system which simulates character lives, procedurally generating
       character back-story text and corresponding ability statistics
  • Designed and created a user interface for story navigation and customization
  • Downloads (application and processing v.1.5.1 source included)

    Windows Mac Linux Research Paper

    Jumper 1

    Co-Programmer and Designer (C# and Unity)

  • Implemented GUI and logic for a short text-based narrative game
  • Employed our Illuminati Player Engagement Manager for variable, dynamic gameplay
  • Downloads

    Windows Mac Linux Unity project with source code

    Ground Beef Resurrection

    Team Programmer and Designer, Sole Audio Engineer (C#, XNA)

  • Collaborated in designing and programming an infinitely looping video game
       for the 2012 Global Game Jam
  • Composed, performed, synthesized and programmed all audio content for the game
  • Designed and programmed an enemy inheritance hierarchy and behaviors
  • Source and more info at the GGJ site

    The Inspector's Brain

    Sole Designer and Creator (Board Game)

    The Inspector's Brain The Inspector's Brain The Inspector's Brain
    Click to enlarge

  • Designed and created a murder mystery board-game prototype
  • Players collaboratively craft a murder mystery story
  • Players create and role-play their own characters while trying to frame other players
  • Download game rules